Cebu City Jeepney Guide

Visiting,living or working in Cebu City? The Jeepney routes are essential knowledge, to get around in Cebu City, whether you are riding them, or are walking, travelling by motorbike, by car or taxi, you need to know where you go, this is THE essential guide to show you around, please enjoy!

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There are many types off Jeepney’s navigating the roads of the city’s, and the provinces in the Philippines. They come in all color and shapes, with the local handy craft speaking it’s own words in connecting the various parts together.

They are economical and fun to use, but the routes are very difficult to master, for the locals and visitors alike. We will try to give you a clearer view and understanding of the Cebu City jeepney network. By looking for a certain route , you can either choose to look them up by Jeepney route number under the category listings,  under the navigation button: THE ROUTES, to where the Jeepney route is starting from (all routes are starting with the inward travel towards inner Cebu City) or you can do a search by destination/departure point, just under the please like me Facebook button :), thank you.

We will add further routes, and points of interest as we further expand this site, among the walking, and tourist trails, hotels and all kinds of local information, which will benefit locals or tourists alike.


Aside from all the information of all the various routes, and stops, we will also have a unique CEBUJEEPNEYMAP to download and print, it simplifies the outlay of Cebu City, Mandaue and Mactan Island, allowing you to know all the time where you go, it will be very useful, no matter if you are using a  jeepney, taxi or are driving or walking.

From arriving in Mactan Airport  many national and  international operators are flying, like Singapore Airlines ,  read more here

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