Free Cebujeepneymap

Free Cebujeepneymap , Cebu City Jeepney Routes on paper.

Free to download and print. (Well you have to pay for the printing yourself :) )    Please note; this is a limited time offer, in July 2013 we will bring in the all new 2013 maps!! So, hurry, and get the free map while you can!

Cebu City bigger outlay, and why i created a free navigation map.

Cebu City

Cebu City’s outlay is quite difficult to understand for visitors and locals, surrounded on the north by Danao City, the mountain range on the west side, Talisay City on the south side, and Mactan Island to the east, separated by Mactan Channel.

It is not only Cebu City in the direct area, boundaring is Mandaue city, and Lapu-Lapu city on Mactan Island is known as the bigger Cebu City area, and the Jeepney’s are running from outer area’s to inner Cebu City, known as downtown; the old Colon to the harbour area.

Then to make things not easier to understand, the municipality of Cordova (to the east of Lapu-Lapu city), is a part of Cebu City, yep I know :)

So I’ve decided to create a map of Cebu City, Talisay City, Mandaue City and Mactan Island combined, easy for travelling around, locals and visitors alike. Basically I remodeled the outlay a bit for easy understanding and navigating, with using the main Jeepney routes as thread through this map, you will find it very easy when going around the main 4 City area.

The map is free to download, although I would encourage anybody who appreciates the map and the information on this website, to make a donation to help the indigent cleft lip children of the Philippines, something I have founded, and made my life goal of, if you are interested in first hand, direct charity, please read more, if you like, on my website:

These are PDF files, may you have any problem, please just contact me.

Free Cebu City Jeepney Guide 2012:  CTG 2012 FREE CEBU CITY TRAVEL GUIDE MAP

Free Mactan Jeepney travel guide 2012, and the main favorite western hangouts: MTG 2012 Free Mactan Island Jeepney Travel Guide

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